Sunday, September 30, 2007

Coach of the Year? Not!

I am writing this at the break between the third and fourth quarters of the Chargers - Chiefs game, tied at 16. Win or lose today, I am just disgusted at the lack of imagination and abysmal play calling on the Charger side of the ball. As Dean, pointed out before, why can't we see Turner and LT in the game at the same time? Also, when Turner is the running back, OF COURSE, he is going to get the hand off. I know it, you know it, and of course the entire Kansas City Chief defense knows it as well. Hence, the loss for two yards. There is no doubt that the Chargers could be taking it to the Chiefs with their running game to allow Rivers to get in sync. Not happenin' today.
Clearly, the Chargers have way more physical talent than the Chiefs, and they may win this game on that alone. But I hope not. Like an alcoholic that needs to hit bottom before they hit twelve-step, this team needs a shocking loss to wake up their sorry coaching staff.

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Anonymous said...

it makes you wonder why didn't old Archie Manning want his youngest playing ball in SD, was it Marty or the Spanos Familia?