Friday, September 7, 2007

The Spirit of '89

Just popping in....

Being after Labor Day when most of America is back to school and work, we found that the natives were the exception rather than the rule out on the road and in particular, the tourist traps of the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley.

Euros..... they're everywhere. And if we can engage in a bit of stereo-typing, the French and Germans can be spotted a mile away. Thinner, less color and noticeably more angular facial features than Americans.
Of course, the folks from the British Isles look most like us but sound least like us.

The Czechs, however.... the Czechs generally look like how we wish we looked. The denial from our Western world Czech, Hungarian and Romanian supermodels and blonde Russian tennis players is reason alone to banish Communism to the trash heap of history. Bastards.

Many thanks to B-Daddy for the excellent work he is doing.

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