Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kevin Federline is a Big Fan

Oh boy. We couldn’t pass up these beauties before shutting it down for the weekend. Right before Georgia Bulldog Matt Stafford’s game-winning touchdown pass against ‘Bama, ESPN announcer, Mike Patrick, decided to go all pop-culture on us with a bizarre non-sequitur on Britney Spears. Click here for YouTube clip.

The man who Patrick replaced as lead announcer for ESPN’s prime-time Saturday night games can be heard from time to time doing 2nd-level Big 12 games over on the Deuce. Its unfortunate because Ron Franklin is, hands down, the best play-by-play guy in college football. Yes, even better than the Figurehead. We assumed him to be a lock to move into the Keith Jackson role as college football’s GodFather upon Jackson's retirment. We assumed wrong. Too bad.

And then we have this from Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy in the press conference following his team’s win against Texas Tech. Gundy was expressing some slight dissatisfaction with a column written about one of his players and, well… Coach Gundy will explain things.