Monday, September 3, 2007

"The Doctor will see you now. Hey, pal... what part of 'now' didn't you understand?"

The Chinese government’s aggressively proactive health care system was the subject of a post last week. Now it looks like the Democratic Presidential candidates are in a heated duel to see who can out-nanny one another on the subject of health care.

While Hillary cozies up to this notion of a nation-wide smoking ban, John Edwards is going to insist that you see a doctor……. and he isn’t taking no for an answer!

Edwards told a crowd in Cedar City, Iowa with absolutely nothing better to do on a Labor Day weekend than to listen to him:

"If you are going to be in the system, you can't choose not to go to the doctor for 20 years. You have to go in and be checked and make sure that you are OK."

If…. you are going to be in the system? We’re grateful for Edwards' graciousness in leaving us this choice but, of course, in or out, there will be no such choice when it comes to footing the bill for this.

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