Thursday, September 27, 2007

Future Programming Alert... and our 100th Post!

Triple digits, y'all... And they said it would never last.

B-Daddy will take the reins for the weekend as we will be visiting family up in the OC. He did bang-up work in his first substitute effort a few weeks back when we were visiting other members of the family in Colorado (some of whom can be seen to the right), so we look forward to seeing what depths will be plumbed this time around. Please give him your support.

And speaking of visiting family members... we hope whatever it is that is planned, at 1230 PDT Saturday, we will be planted squarely in front of the tube to watch what is on paper the match-up of the season thus far. Of course, we're talking about Cal-Oregon up in Eugene.

And this weekend, we are going to start a little competition to see what host family unit is most respectful of our college football-watching jones. Our kinfolk in Colorado, clocked a very impressive 8.5 (on a scale of 10) so it will be interesting to see what the OC contingent can do to top that. We've been told that the Godson and nieces are no longer nap-takers so that 8.5 looms quite large indeed.

We want to thank everyone who has encouraged us to undertake this endeavor and want to extend our gratitude to those that actively participate with this site.


Anonymous said...

I have the Beers with Demo jones! When I didn't respond, why didn't someone get a clue that I wasn't informed? I am Uncle Deenie Weenie's biggest fan, and I have let this be known. I checked for a response to my blogs three times today. So how does the keen analytical mind of my brother know that I have responded to a post from days gone by?
Road Dawg

Dean said...

The site's vast technical depth and breadth contains a feature called... archives.. which allows one to read, comment and read the comments from ancient posts of 3 days ago.

Road Dawg said...

Yabutt, howbout weeks gone by?

Dean said...

'Dawg, They're ALL archived. Hey - I thought I was the one left at the shallow end of the technological gene pool?

Anonymous said...

Still missing my point. How are you alerted, or ARE you alerted if, lets say, Christopher comments on a football post of a few weeks ago? Of course I understand the archive, but I feel reasonably sure that you don't review all 100 posts daily to see if someone has commented lately. Jeeze, I have alot of posts to go through since I am a late commer. Same with Christopher. No need to comment if no one reads it.
Road Dawg