Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Gee...uhhh... Thanks but No Thanks"

Proving that she is if nothing else, perhaps as shrewd a politician as the old man, click here for story in NY Times on Hillary Clinton (and other Dem frontrunners) steering clear of the fringe left-wing netroot crowd.

The article talks about how the candidates don’t really see how the anger and vitriol ginned-up by groups like the DailyKos and MoveOn.org and which are void any semblance of a positive or constructive message are going to actually deliver votes for them in November.

This phenomena can be summed up in the Rasmussen poll taken on the reaction to the deplorable General “BeTray Us” ad run in the New York Times (…for a discount rate!). The poll revealed that 23% approved of the ad but that 58% disapproved. The margin was even greater on the extremes as 12% strongly approved and 42% strongly disapproved.

This really should not have been a surprise to anyone, though. The U.S. military has traditionally maintained the highest approval ratings among American institutions and entities and discrediting many of these esteemed institutions are what MoveOn.org and their buddies are all about.

So, perhaps “shrewd” is a little too fawning. Maybe its giving these people a little too much credit. Maybe “doesn't have head lodged in ass” is a more accurate assessment of their wanting to run away as quickly as possible from the DailyKos, MoveOn.org and their ilk.

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