Thursday, October 16, 2008

Accomplishing what Eugene V. Debs never could...?

Blue Crab Blvd. has more here.

And speaking of "spreading the wealth", here’s Suit talking to Joe the Plumber who is questioning Obama’s tax plan on small businesses, one of which Joe hopes to purchase. As a way of explaining it (around the 1:40 mark), Suit tells Joe that if he had voted for Obama a number of years back when he wasn’t making all that scratch, he would’ve benefited from Obama’s tax plan and had that much more money to put towards the purchase of his plumbing business.

Don’t look at the present or even the future, Joe. Its way too confusing and even I can’t adequately explain my own tax plan without resorting to my trusty time machine here to transport us back in time when your pathetic, miserable life would’ve been less so if you had just voted for me back then.

(If video link does not work, go here, and click on video at top left of page)

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