Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Us, "Lucky"? That would be one way of putting it.

We may post more on our trip to the greater Philadelphia area and State College, PA later… well, we may post some more pictures but were up to our eyeballs right now in other stuff, including an 8 o’clock tip for our rec league hoops game that because of this unseasonal heat and humidity, we are not looking forward to (scheduled post flashback).

So, lest we become sidetracked with anything else, we just want to say we had a fantastic time, enjoyed every minute of it (except that Old Testament-like deluge around Harrisburg on the drive back from State College) and would go back in a heartbeat if invited.

We also would like to say we had the privilege of being hosted by the most gracious, giving and friendly people both in Philly (“Jonesy” and “’Becca”) and State College (“Todd” and “Toni” and family). We are continually amazed by the quality of people that pass through (and hopefully stay) in our life as we unwittingly schlep through it oblivious to Providence that is constantly working to make our time here on this planet a more blessed one. We can only hope that we are half as much that to others in their lives.


Anonymous said...

He missed the tag!


- Shank Piston Palin, good seats, eh buddy?

Anonymous said...

BTW, that scene right there is reason #564 on the Big Long List of why college ball is vastly superior to that "business".

- Shank Piston Palin Likes The Ball on Campus, But Was Never Much For Book Learnin'