Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sexual Harassment Training 101

Because of work, a big scary financial crisis and being out of town, we’ve scarcely been able to follow the San Diego firefighter sexual harassment case against the city that has been going on for two weeks now and which is going to jury, possibly today, for deliberation.

But there are a couple of things we’ve learned thus far and one of those is that we are not voting for Mike Aguirre in November for City Attorney. Aguirre who is up for re-election is defending the city himself in a showboating act of desperation and has proceeded to make a fool of himself. Besides making thinly-veiled remarks regarding the smearing of the firefighters he was denied using the fact that the firehouse of the 4 plaintiffs had a Playboy on the coffee table as grounds that the firefighters could not have been harassed by gays at the gay pride parade because…..?

We’ve also learned that "sexual harassment" isn’t really harassment if its done in the proper manner. You see, when sexually lewd comments are directed your way, as long as it is done in a “flattering” manner, it’s not really “harassment”.

One of those giving testimony was paramedic Adrian Reyes, who said he rode an ambulance in the parade directly behind the engine carrying the four firefighters last year.
He was asked if comments from the crowd – including “You're so hot!” – offended him.
“No,” Reyes said. “If anything, it was flattering.”

Article here.

Sounds reasonable to us. Go ahead and try that out along with “you can give me mouth-to-mouth” and “you can put out my fire” at work today and see how it works for you. But remember, it must be done in a flattering manner. Hope this clears up a few things that have been vexing us for years now.


Ohioan@Heart said...

This whole thing makes me want to scream. Where I work, we have to take sexual harrassment traning every year. If I have learned anything, it is that sexual harrassment is essentially defined by the harrassee (i.e., if the receipent feels harrassed, they are). Indeed look at the definition from Wikipedia: Sexual Harrassment is harassment that can happen anywhere but is most common in the workplace, and schools. It involves unwanted and unwelcome, words, deeds, actions, gestures, symbols, or behaviours of a sexual nature that make the target feel uncomfortable. Gender and sexual orientation harassment fall into this family. [Those are my emphasis.]

Aguirre should have no chance. But because this one runs over into the whole "homophobia" arena, anything could happen.

I actually won't be surprised if the city wins and we find out that only men can harrass and can only harrass women. (Just like the way racism is being redefined to make it imposible for anyone but caucasians to be racists.)

Dean said...

I was actually considering voting for this guy but his appalling behavior during this whole ordeal has completely turned me off to the man.

Agreed, the outcome of this may have some far reaching implications.

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