Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dear Obama, please protect us from your followers.

There has been some debate over at KT’s place on the use of Nazi references with respect to followers of the Suit. Some argue that the references are completely inappropriate owing to the horrific nature of the crimes against humanity perpetrated by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

Since we have aligned ourselves with a political philosophy that is the frequent target of Nazi references, we see the point, though our reaction to those assaults is not so much anger but a shaking of the head as an acknowledgement of the true intellect of those hurling the rocks.

So while flinging around the Nazi references is not really our cup of tea, with each passing ACORN indictment, we are less inclined to wince when the same is used with respect to followers of the Suit.

Why is this? Well, for one thing, “Nazis” have lost a lot of their juice. Let’s face it, when Mel Brooks goes “Hitler on Ice” nearly 30 yrs. ago, being tagged a “Nazi” as the most egregious of epithets jumped the shark and doesn’t carry the weight that it used to. And that’s a shame because now days calling someone a “Maoist” or “Stalinist (two guys who in terms of body counts put Hitler to shame) just gets you a funny look. Who..?

But more importantly is the fact that followers of the Suit bring it upon themselves. When we saw the video of the hymnal-singing schoolchildren from Venice, Santa Monica or whatever Westside commune those people came from, the very first thing we thought was…. Nazi Youth. And when we read about Secret Service agents at the behest of followers of the Suit knocking at the door of a person who didn’t have the most glowing things to say about Suit or we hear of threats of criminal prosecution being used to silence those who aren’t down with Suit, the very first thing we think of is … Gestapo tactics.

And doesn’t the textbook publisher that has contributed to Suit’s campaign and who devotes 15 pages of an elementary school textbook to Suit’s “Life of Service” smack of indoctrination? Just a little…?

So, again, though we promise to do our level best to refrain from any active participation in lobbing "Nazi grenades" we will exclaim that after years and years of being broad-brushed-by-association as a Nazi, we are delighted to finally see what fascist behavior actually looks like!


Anonymous said...

Then there's the story of the first time I ever registered to vote.

1988. I was a college (meaning, apparently, I'm automatically "elite") and walking into the supermarket. A man behind a table outside the door with a "Register Here" sign asked if I was registered. I said "no".

"Well", he said, "You should go ahead and register here". Sounded reasonable. I completed my registration and when he checked it for errors, he discovered a quite gruesome one:

I was a Democrat!

"Oh, please. Just sign up as a Republican. You can go ahead and vote for a Democrat in the election. I won't get paid for registering Democrats!"

I thought that was a dumb idea, and walked away. Then the thought came to my mind: What if this guy just ditches my application out of spite and I show up on election day without having been officially registered?

Several days later, walking across the campus of my elite university, I came across another voter registration booth. Again, Republican. There was a trustworthy-looking woman behind it along with a few other folks. I asked her what she thought the odds were that I was officially registered, and she replied, "Well, we don't make any money off our registrations. Go ahead and sign up here and we'll make sure it gets to the Registrar."

As I filled out my form, again, and marked the box for Democrat, one of the other men manning the booth offered, "Gee, I sure don't want another war. History shows that's what happens when the Democrats are in the Oval Office."

Uh huh.

But, I digress, as we're speaking of ACORN and voter fraud...


- Shank Piston Palin Wondering If the Red Sox (trailing 11-1 in the 7th of Game 4) or McCain-Palin Have The Larger Deficit

Dean said...

And then one time, at band camp...

B-Daddy said...

You've been linked.

Anonymous said...

Listen, at this point, I gotta hope for the pendulum. Even with the help from the Ass Baboon of Venus and those like her, I think MT will win. I am very glad to see the opened eyes of those like ABoV, a life-long Dem voting for McCain, reading and forwarding emails acknoledging the "in the tank" attitude of the MSM.

Ultimately God is in charge, and if we need a good spanking to turn things around because we deserve it, (both the spanking and the turning around) so be it.

As I have commented several times, we are the perverbial slow cooked frog. It might be time the "gang of three" turns up the heat to make us jump out of the fire before we are totally cooked.

As the pendulum swings,

As for Mr Lloyd's personal story, I guess he believes ACORN's behavior is turn about and fair play?

Nobody finds you elite, Mr Lloyd. Your voter registration narrative has a fictitios sensation designed to distract the real problems with ACORN.

If you were so aggrieved, shouldn't he be on the side of the righteousness rather than attempting to make light of real voter fraud? OH, I forgot, this is our comeupins.

Shameful Mr Lloyd, very shameful

Anonymous said...

Acknowledging Mr Lloyd needs to assert his elitism....

Knowing BS when presented,