Saturday, October 4, 2008

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Bill Maher hates Rock’n’Roll

Bill Maher is an idiot but you knew that already. Anyone who attempts to equate their “libertarian” status with a vote for Ralph Nader as Maher did on T.V. back in 2000 is an abject fool and is probably not worth the cyber-trees we’re felling to make mention of him.

But mention we must because Maher has a film that opens this weekend called, “Religulous”. Here’s a review that sums up Maher’s intent in the film:

Maher's “Religulous” isn't really a documentary so much as it's propaganda. Funny at times. Mocking often. Certainly clever. But in the end, his fervor unravels into a fire-and-brimstone conversion message for the other team.
“The plain fact is, religion must die for mankind to live,” Maher says in a melodramatic finish that is as smarmy as any late-night cable TV evangelist.

We could go on for days on just the 1st Amendment-shreddding aspects of this but for purposes of this post we will simply say that the elimination of religion (and we're not referring to "Buddhism") here in the U.S. also means an elimination of a large part of American culture which is steeped in “religion”…. or is in response to “religion”. Musical forms like jazz and rock’n’roll are/were a rebellion or at least perceived to be a rebellion against the moral status quo in the South. Its safe to say, then, without “religion”, two of America’s most recognizable cultural art forms would not exist.

Anyway, this is all just a long wind-up to throw you over to Justin’s place for some choir practice and some great religiously-inspired music that’s guaranteed to be enjoyed. So for Bill’s sake git on over there and enjoy some great stuff from a nation that has the most diverse forms of art, culture and music, precisely because of “religion”.

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