Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our photo entry today for...

...You Park like an

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Anonymous said...

See. This is what I'm talking about.

Give me not constitutional ammendments on marriage and abortions or any other issues based on religious doctrine that I really could give a damn about either way.

Give me something that effects everybody, and most especially, me...

Amendment 24 (or something): Though shalt not talk on the cell phone while driving. You people are dangerous idiots.

Amendment 25: Cigarettes. Banned. You people are not only unhealthful to me, annoying to me, but also dangerous to me. (See idiots flicking lit cigarettes out their car windows on Red Flag days).

Amendment 26: Anything bigger than a pick-up truck is not allowed in the fast lane. (SunDiego or Frontera buses cruising at 72 in the #1 lane aren't doing me any favors)

Amendment 27: Baseball bats shall be taken to cars crossing over the line in parking stalls. Annoying the hell out of me since I turned 16.

- Shank Piston Palin With His Early Vote Ballot Already In The Bank. WooHoo! Don't have to pay one bit more of attention until Election Night!!