Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oktoberfest on my Mind

B-Daddy here. Well, it's just been a little too depressing in the news and in the blogosphere, even here on the normally lighthearted BwD. To restore a little of the natural order, I thought I would review a beer. Took a big chance on my weekend Costco run. We were completely out of beer and we were having... Jeesh, I can't remember, but when is beer not appropriate with dinner? Anyway, Costco only sells cases of beer, so this was a big choice. Dean was unavailable to help me out of this jam (no lifeline for B-Daddy). So I went for the Gordon Biersch, pictured at left, largely on the two buck price differential over the Karl Strauss competing product.

I was very prepared not to like this beer, given that I had purchased the full case. But I was very pleasantly surprised. This beer has a great hearty malt base but not too sweet, unlike Michelob's Porter. Also, they use a generous amount of hops, but not overwhelming for a great finish. The hops are tasty, but somehow this beer isn't as bitter as one might expect. All in all, a decent purchase for $19.99 per case.

Also, our condolences to Road Dawg, who hasn't been able to sample any micro-brew in some time, if his emails are to be believed.


Dean said...

I'm not normally a fan of Gordon Bierch's product but on the strength of your good word, B-Daddy, I'll give it a shot.

Hey, they didn't happen to have any gluten-free beer there, did they?

Anonymous said...

Dudes, Now that I am in Chicago, microbrews are abundant, both in the store and at the local chow stations.

Bdaddy, glad to see you stumbled upon good beer after buying the case. But does that make good economic sense? The alternative would be bad beer sitting in the garage or having to drink bad beer.

Listen Cosco-boy, some things are too important to take the above named risks. (You would have probably waited till Christmas and played the "Emperor's new beer" trick, just to save your investment, ya cheap bastad ya)

Just north of Deans place on college, south of the 8 is a place you can pick out a couple of singles, sample them and treat yourself.

Yesterday, I went to "Cheeseburger in Paradise" and had probably the best burger ever. I'm not sure if it is a Jimmy Buffet endeavor, but his endorsement was on the back of the menu.

Flood adjusting is very unrewarding. Gotta be Scrooge to way too many nice folks that are unsuspecting of the lack of coverage.