Saturday, October 25, 2008

So, what do you got going on tomorrow?

Received an email from our old roommate from Seminary, Jonesy, title “Busy Sunday”


Becca & I have a very busy Sunday.

Here is our itinery:

9:00 AM Awake after victory celebration of PSU's win over OSU.

10:30 AM Attend church service , give thanks for PSU's win over OSU, pray for Philly teams.

1:00 PM Attend Eagles Game at the Link, watch Birds beat up on Falcons. Watch Philly's own Matt "Ice" Ryan play well in loss.

4:00 PM Attend Flyers-Devils game at First Union/Watchovia/Wells Fargo stadium. Hopefully Flyers get 1st win of season.

8:00 PM Morgan heads to Phillies game at Citizens Bank Balpark for Game 4 of World Series.

9:00 PM Becca heads over to Spectum to see Who concert with friend.

12:00 PM Meet up in parking lot and head home for recovery.

Total Cost of Day: $(redacted). Totally worth it.


A busy day, indeed that might even get the nod over Mongo’s Saturday afternoon/evening double dipping at the Coliseum (USC) and Rose Bowl (UCLA) which entails a cross-town commute as opposed to Jonesy’s sojourn in the South Philly sports complex where all these venues reside.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry.

Something called "The Link" over the Rose Bowl and the Coliseum?

I don't think so.

- I'm Shank Piston Palin, and I Approve This Message