Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A long-awaited change

... but first, Awful Announcing's picture and caption contest...

and the winner is...

"Worst. Renaissance Fair. Ever."- Anon

On a somewhat related football note, the Chargers' Defensive Coordinator, Ted Cottrell was fired yesterday and will be replaced by linebackers coach, Ron Rivera. We're sure Cottrell is a good man who is a good husband and a loving and caring father but he was a horrible fit for this defense. His insistence in having the Chargers' aggressive defensive backs sit back in a zone while simultaneously not getting any pressure on the quarterback was a recipe for disaster. Now it's Rivera's turn to see what he can do to get the defense back on track.

Rivera, while at Chicago as the Bears' D-Con was known for his aggressive, blitzing style. While we are not saying that this is the formula for success for every defense, the Chargers' personnel certainly lends itself to aggressive man-to-man coverage and getting to the quarterback off the edge with the pass rush. It will be interesting to see how Rivera adjusts to the Chargers' 3-4 scheme as he ran a 4-3 in Chicago. Regardless, this is the move that had to be made if the Chargers hope to make it to the playoffs and at 3-5, they had to pull the trigger sooner than later.

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