Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bloggers hate the state of Utah has their Top 25 blog poll out. Results here.

Both Missouri and LSU fell hard after their losses on Saturday to OK St. and Florida, respectively and USC moves up only one spot to #9 after their sloppy win against Arizona St. (it would seem bloggers are as similarly unimpressed with SC as we are given they are #6 in the AP poll). But Utah and BYU both fall several spots after victories this weekend. A little MWC disrespect, here? We would bring up there stellar record against the Pac-10 this year but, sheesh, its only the Pac-10.

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Anonymous said...

The BYU slip is understandable as they really struggled at home against what should have been a gimmee. (Note: Look for them to slip further after they lose Thursday night at TCU.)

Utah really looked solid at Wyoming, and have been gathering steam as the first half of the season has gone on, so a slip in the polls for them is a surprise.

As for co-MWC school SDSU's position in the bottom 1/12 of the polls...

Damn liberal elite media. Always puttin' it to the little man!

- Shank Piston Palin, Aztec, Waiting Anxiously for Midnight Madness