Monday, October 6, 2008

Smog, Traffic, Gang violence, Mayor Villaraigosa…. and all they’ve got to show for it is this lousy newspaper

The Pulitzer prize-winning L.A. Times scoured their message boards for trenchant analysis of last Thursday night’s debate and decided upon the following to grace the front page of their on-line edition on Friday :

Sarah is given kudos because she didn't screw up. Using that logic, maybe I should get praise every time I drive to the grocery store without hitting a pedestrian along the way. - Loftboy

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Anonymous said...

It felt like a "rigged" boxing match. Clearly a winner, yet Biden declared the winner. You know how I know she won? Because of how many rags said it was a tie, or that she did well, or she didn't screw up. Knowing how "in the tank" they are, I shave points off the score to get a clearer picture.