Thursday, October 2, 2008

Labor Unrest in Camp Obama... and some last minute thoughts on what to watch tonight

Suit's top aide is talking tough and threatening to bolt.

You know who hated the outcome of last season’s Super Bowl? All those New England wags that had their “Patriots’ Perfect Season” books ready to go to print immediately after the game. Man, that must’ve really sucked.

In other news today, Gwen Ifill, the Vice Presidential debate moderator for tonight’s debate has a book titled: “Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama” (The Age of Obama?) set for release on inauguration day in January.

Defenders of the decision to have Ifill moderate say that the book will feature many other black politicians and the part on Obama will be just a small part of the book (which explains the title) and in fact, it has not yet been written (because much of the tone and trajectory of the book would depend on the outcome in November, we say from a fairly sturdy limb).

You know, any bias displayed by Ifill will be pretty easy to pick out tonight (full disclosure: we’re finding a grilled steak and the Utah/Oregon St. game to be more appealing viewing, currently) so we’re not too concerned about that but Jeez-Luweez, would it have killed the debate commission to find someone who did not have a financial stake in the outcome of the election to moderate the debate?

It probably won’t matter anyway. Palin is a walking gaffe machine. Honestly, what a ditz this broad is. VDH keeps the tally, here.


Anonymous said...

"It probably won’t matter anyway. Palin is a walking gaffe machine. Honestly, what a ditz this broad is. VDH keeps the tally, here." !?!?!?!?

Is this a Bdaddy/ Dawg moment when you’re trying to be funny and just don’t get it? The article is satire. You did get that, or am I missing your humor?

Gaffe machine? How did George Bush do with all the "gotcha" questions? I wish she had asked Katie if she could be more condescending?

Also, I would prefer to have a non insider, non-bloodsucking lawyer involved with my country's future if you don't mind. So if a few gaffes point out the inexperience, so be it.

She did a great job tonight with genuiousness and a smile on her face.


Anonymous said...

Tonight was the talent portion of the competition -- with Miss Teen S.C. performing a tribute to boxing: An immitation of Randall "Tex" Cobb's 15 rounds of being the punching bag that refused to go down against Larry Holmes.

In a convincing performance, she got beat every round by a more skilled boxer, just like Tex. But, also like Tex, had enough in her to be standing at the end.

Unfortunately, there will be no "Raising Arizona" follow up for the McCain camp.

- Piston Shank Palin Thankful She Didn't Crack Her Neck Falling on The Corner Stool

Dean said...

... and Oregon St. gives up 3 scores (I'm counting the 2 pt. conversion) in 2-1/2 minutes...?

Anonymous said...

Mongo must have watched a different debate.

Dean said...

'Dawg, Yes, I was aware the article was satire... and a nice commentary on the state of today's journalism.

Anonymous said...


No, no, no. It's not that Oregon State gave up 3 scores in those two minutes, it's that the now 6-1 versus the Pac 10 MWC's Utah Utes EARNED 3 scores in those two minutes.

- Shank Piston Palin Wonderin' When Alaska Killed the Letter "G" At The End of Verbs

Anonymous said...

Now that Mongo's a Palin, I can go back to refering hime as Mr Lloyd. Being a Palin supporter, it's kind of like being black and saying the "n" word.