Monday, October 13, 2008

Without Columbus, none of this would've been possible

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend that is spilling over into a Holiday Monday that celebrates the bringing of disease, involuntary conversions, enslavement and overall conquest of the peaceful native Americans by the White Man from Europe. So to properly recognize the occasion, we’re taking the day off!

By the time you read this, we will hopefully be out in the East County somewhere in the hoopdie playing around in the dirt/sand and taking pictures that we hope to share with you all later.

In the meantime, a few quick thoughts on this weekend's activities:

- USC did not play like a team that is currently ranked #6 in the nation on Saturday against Arizona State. Aside from some singular moments of excellence by running back Joe McKnight, the offense was sluggish and out-of-synch. QB, Marc Sanchez threw 2 picks in the 3rd quarter deep in his own territory that were about as bad as we’ve seen in a while. Playing like they are, currently, there is no way they beat the five teams above them in the polls.

- USC linebacker (and contributor/faithful commenter Mongo's nick-namesake) Rey Maualuga is a very bad man. His 3rd quarter alone would be a highlight reel for an entire season for most linebackers in the nation. On one play in that 3rd, he shot the gap on a play-action fake and swallowed whole the ASU running back (seriously, no one has seen Keegan Herring since) and upon realizing Herring didn’t have the ball, he lept to his feet to track down Rudy Carpenter, the QB, for a sack. An amazing play. And in that same possession, he knocked Rudy Carpenter out of the game for the 2nd straight season.

- The Chargers played an entire game for the first time this season against the Patriots last night. LT still looks a little wobbly with that bad big right toe and the great debate now is on whether or not to sit him for a week to let the toe heal. Because they are now only 3-3 and go on the road to Buffalo and then to England (England!) to play the Saints, they may not have that luxury.

- Exit question: Everyone says the Chargers/Pats have a “rivalry” going. Don’t you have to beat that team in a truly meaningful game (i.e. the playoffs), something the Chargers have not accomplished against the Pats, for there to be a rivalry?

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Anonymous said...

Mongo does seem to have something extra for ASU every year, doesn't he?

- Shank Piston Palin, Off With His Head!!