Monday, October 27, 2008

Time for some hard ball?

We got back from Vegas a few hours ago and have been in de-compress mode ever since. Between a bowl of soup, the Monday Night game and Game 5 of the World Series, we’ll share some random thoughts on our weekend in Sin City, baseball, football and the elections that were, unfortunately, encroaching into our Vegas bubble more than we desired, in a series of updated posts.

And speaking of Game 5… the Phillies have themselves set up perfectly to wrap things up at home this evening as their ace Cole Hamels (4-0 in the playoffs this year) takes the hill against the Tampa Rays, Scott Kazmir. This should give Philly’s finest a riot-control live scrimmage opportunity against Philly's passionate and championship-starved fans in preparation for 8 days from now when this historic election will take place and win or lose, hordes of Sarah Palin supporters will take to the streets in America’s larger cities in either a really good mood or a very nasty mood.

The Giants-Steelers game yesterday was a highly entertaining affair featuring two of the more high profile teams in the league and would’ve been a perfect fit for NBC’s Sunday night prime-time slot except for the fact there was no Sunday night game last night. Why? Fox was broadcasting Game 4 of the World Series and the NFL was protecting one of its broadcast partners (Fox carries the NFC games) by not airing a game opposite that most surely would bury any World Series match up short of Red Sox-Yankees (uhhh, Beers? The Sox cannot play the Yankees in the World Series. Well, there you have it.) in what is already a historically low-rated Series.

We understand why the NFL does want to protect Fox but next time the T.V. contract is up and we’re Roger Goddell, we make it very clear to Ed Goren and the gang at Fox that the free pass on that first Sunday of the Series is over and that the NFL intends on running the Sunday night game as scheduled. Hey, we’re not totally heartless towards the national pastime… if the NFL has decreed Sunday night as “Football Night in America” with the prime match-ups then they need to start acting like it. As such, we could be talked into possibly giving up the now second-tier Monday night game (which, on the whole, has provided better games than the Sunday night affairs) for this late-October baseball sacrifice.

Picture is from I-15 North and the first pulse-quickening look at the California-Nevada border and its casinos.

(UPDATE #1): Suit was everywhere in Vegas and boy, was that ever a bummer. Well, to be precise, he was on T.V. an awful lot which we still resented. Imagine chilling at the the sportsbook, keeping an eye on the games while handicapping the ponies, when the benevolent patriarchal visage of America’s favorite infanticidal socialist pops-up on the big screen. Buzz. Kill. At least Kerry had the common decency (if not the funds) to not interrupt our blissfully ignorant-to-the-rest-of-the-world Breeder’s Cup weekend back in ’04.

Bumper stickers: We have absolutely no data to back this up – it is merely an anecdotal observation but for all the passion that Suit has supposedly generated among the Democratic faithful, we recall actually seeing more Kerry-Edwards stickers out and about in '04 than Suit-Gas Bag bumper stickers.

… and is anyone really surprised by this:

"State and local officials are investigating if state and law-enforcement computer systems were illegally accessed when they were tapped for personal information about "Joe the Plumber."
The speed by which the dirt on Joe the Plumber was unearthed certainly suggested something was amiss.

Or this: Barbara West, a news anchor in south Florida was interviewing Gasbagus Maximus and had the unwitting bad luck to use the word “Marx” as in, “Karl Marx” with regard to a question she asked concerning Obama’s economic policies. Gas-Max didn’t appreciate it and, again, faster than one can say, "G. Gordon Liddy" we find out that Barbara West's husband is a scofflaw of very minor proportions. Again, do not answer that door!


B-Daddy said...

Left a snarky quote on the Kos link. We'll see if they catch it.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought, with Pennsylvannia being such a key state, that McCain would have dispatched Miss Teen South Carolina to Philly in light of all that's going on their to:

a) Flip the coin for the Eagles kickoff
b) Throw out the first bitch, errrrrr, pitch (Sorry, that had to be thrown in for Hillary's long-suffering sake), and...
c) Be the contestant for the "Half Court Shot For Free Tuition" to pay her for entrance fee into her eighth alma mater, The Univ. of Alaska, Fairbanks -- "the University of Idaho of the north" -- at the Sixers game.

Can't think of a reason why they didn't send her there for those events...

- Shank Piston Palin Thinking The Early Vote Is In