Friday, October 3, 2008

Upon closer inspection...

Of the more interesting traditions at the women’s college, some students have taken to attending the event in somewhat, if not fully, revealing attire. While some students and faculty at Smith consider this an outward expression of the college’s free and welcoming nature, others are less than thrilled about being subjected to the nudity of their fellow classmates or pupils.

We may be in the minority but the concept of “nude”/“partially nude” and “women’s college” does not possess quite the appeal one would think.


Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

Best part:
Others at the institution, including some faculty, view the event and the student shenanigans in an entirely different light. Jay Garfield, philosophy professor and this year’s faculty speaker, said he has attended every convocation in his time at Smith and appreciates the spirit of the event. This year, in the opening to his speech, he even acknowledged the student tradition by welcoming both “the naked and the clothed.”

“It’s often a bit of a shock to first-year students and faculty members who have never gone before,” said Garfield, who views the event as a pep rally for the academic year. “Unless you’re excessively prudish or want decorum for its own sake, you want students to be excited about academics. There’s no reason to put a damper on that. I wish the people who had problems with it would get over it.”

You're offended by indecent exposure? Get over it!

Dean said...

"decorum for its own sake" = "clothed".

... charming

Anonymous said...

What, no link to the photos?

Probably kicking off comfortable shoes and plad shirts,

Sour grapes,