Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good thing this all didn't mean a damn thing.

... we wouldn't want them actually doing anything, would we?

Healthcarepalooza went down Thursday where the C-SPAN cameras were let in to the debate between the President, his Democratic allies and the Republicans. And just in case anyone was wondering whether or not this thing was pure theater, about halfway through the proceedings, the Democrats not in the room let it be known that they were going with the Dem-only reconciliation route starting first thing next week.

It’s all good, though. We view this as roughly akin to knowing the Olympic results of a particular event prior to settling into the highlight show later that evening. No angst, no drama… it becomes just about the process.

First clip: the Prez playing the it’s good to be the King card.

We actually thought it was pretty funny. Guess what? Dude is the President and
there are a certain amount of non-egalitarian perks that go along with it. Deal.

And now for the star of the show as far as we are concerned, if you can spare 6 minutes. Paul Ryan (R-WI) does an excellent job of breaking down what a fiscal trainwreck Obamacare will be.

Ahhhh…… Wonk out!!!!

“We don’t think the government should be in control of all this. We think people should be in control.”

No drama. No angst. It really is that simple.


B-Daddy said...

Reason magazine outlines what a fat liar Obama is in this month's issue. Ryan is calling him out. Good.

B-Daddy said...

Unfortunately this bore-a-palooza may lend street cred to Obama's myths, because no can be bothered to listen and all they get is:
Obama talked to Republicans.

They need to go nuclear if the Dems try reconciliation.

B-Daddy said...

Also, you need to watch your language the California Assembly will be gunning for you if you keep up those cuss words in your headline.

K T Cat said...

I thought the whole thing was so ill-considered on the part of the White House. Even if it had been done flawlessly, by now everyone's minds are pretty much made up and the public is deeply against this. As it was, the Republicans seemed to come out the best and dismantled all of the straw men Obama had been trying to create.

It looks like another catastrophe for Obama. If you're a Democrat running for reelection, it's every man for himself now. Obama is nothing but poison to them now. The guy's going to be a lame duck with 2 1/2 years to go.

Road Dawg said...

On a long drive to Heber, I listened to Rush's play by play. It was alot more enjoyable than watching it later on Fox.

paull12 said...

Wow, the truth really hurts. Kudos to Paul Ryan for telling it like it is. No smoke and mirrors, just the facts!