Saturday, February 6, 2010

A time-honored BwD tradition just got a little more interesting (UPDATED)

We love rating the Super Bowl ads that run during the big game, though the rating of "totally retarded" might have to be junked for the time being.

The people at Focus on the Family have probably got their money’s worth already for their Tim Tebow/pro-life ad that will air during the Super Bowl as we’ve never seen such reaction to an ad that nobody’s even seen.

Reaction that has spurred a response to this ad which no one has seen by Planned Parenthood and which can be seen below.

Sean James and Al Joyner? The biggest ad in the history of Planned Parenthood and that’s the best they can come up with? We’re avid followers of both the college and pro game and we know not this Sean James dude and our recollection of Al Joyner is a hazy Olympian one from a quarter century ago at that.

Maybe even A and B-listers know Planned Parenthood to be the abortion mill that it is and from which, wish to keep a wide berth.

No matter. We understand the argument of critics of the Tebow ad: on a day that is otherwise fully committed to crass bikini-clad commercialism and good ol’-fashioned wife-beating who wants to be lectured about family values or anything resembling it?

(UPDATE #1): The ad itself is becoming almost immaterial as the reaction to the ad becomes more and more the story. The ubiquitous “coalition of women’s groups” has been calling for CBS to pull the ad stating that the message of the ad they have not yet seen is “hate masquerading as love”.

Ah, yes. As aliens visiting from another planet and witnessing our political discourse will soon find out, tolerance is a one-way street.

H/T: W.C. Varones


W.C. Varones said...

They hate it when you associate abortions with actual human beings.

Not having seen the ad yet, I'm sure it will be very classy, touching, and will change more than a few hearts.

Anonymous said...

This is really awesome... if you are going to the Focus On The Family Super Bowl viewing party.

For the 99% of people who aren't, however, it's going to be the elephant in the room -- violating the traditional "don't speak of religion and/or politics in polite company" rule.

Bad call, CBS. I don't think we'll be seeing Tim and mom on next year's episode of "America's Favorite Super Bowl Commercials" the week before the game.