Friday, February 12, 2010

Radio KBwD is on the air

We kind of blew off the whole New Wave thing during the early 80s, clinging desperately to our classic rock and heavy metal but these dudes did catch our ear.

If it does sound familiar, it should for a reason as it is the sound track for one Ferris Bueller’s penultimate dash through the leafy backyards of suburban Chicago.

Ladies and Gentlemen: from Great Britain, it’s the English Beat performing “Rotating Heads”*

Seriously. Back in the day, we had a fantasy of creating or performing in a garage/power pop band that would feature bass-heavy breaks and dubs with acompanying music videos of our band leaping off, in slow motion, buildings (or brick walls) in much the same manner as the care-free Ferris.

If only he were wearing Chucks.

*To be precise, the song in the movie is an instrumental version of “Rotating Heads” named “March of the Swivel Heads"

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Road Dawg said...

Did this music go great with the scene or what?!?!?