Monday, February 22, 2010

Thank goodness, he’s black

As viewed through the prism of a statist, what else gives them cover for the Obama agenda? After all, wasn’t it the statists/progressives who were caterwauling about the cozy relationship the Bush administration had with big business and in particular Big Oil and weren’t we constantly scolded by the same people about the public/private sector hand-in-glove “corporatist” relationships developed between Wall St. and Capitol Hill.

What are we then to make of a forced government take-over of General Motors and Chrysler, the specter of which was compounded by a rather curious deference being paid to the unions at the expense of the secured creditors during the bankruptcy proceedings?

And what are we to make of this tax on the bailed-out Wall St. firms in light of the fact that the government’s special pets, the aforementioned Big Two and the government sponsored entities, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, also the recipients of hundreds of billions of dollars of bailout tax dollars, will be exempt from “paying their fair share”?

What also is to be made of these horribly conceived and dubiously executed demand-side incentive dog and pony shows like Cash for Clunkers and home-owner assistance programs where the government is again injecting itself in an unprecedented manner into the private markets (another indirect source of Fannie, Freddie and Wall St. bailouts)?

Faced with a government take-over of the healthcare industry where personal choices and freedoms will certainly be curtailed, has the statist broke out his "Keeep Your Laws Off My Body" t-shirt and marched in full-throated opposition?

But we’re asking all this of the wrong people. “We” all know how we feel about it, so we are asking it of the statists and progressives - those supporters Obama’s Bailout Nation and the debt-bomb it is creating?

We’ve received the answer. In light of the overwhelming evidence showing the Bush administration’s incipient crony capitalism being child’s play compared to the economic fascism or “corporatism” as practiced by the Obama administration, is there any chastening or at least a sober recognition that these are not the people they’ve been waiting for? Hardly.

You’re all just a bunch of racists!

Temple of Mut and one of the organizers of the San Diego tea party takes a look at the tea party movement one year on from its inception, here.

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