Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our words-eye view of things*

More than any other athlete in our time, Magic Johnson personified the selflessness and the joie de vivre that was achievable in team sports

B-Daddy has a must-read post on the spiritual nature of athletic competition and the fraternal draw of being part of a team.

Read it here.

On a somewhat related note, our 10 year run with the mighty Raptors of the San Diego Bar Association Basketball League has come to an end. We got the news right before reading B-Daddy's post, which made his points even more relevant. At times, getting geared up on a Monday night to play hoops was percieved as a drag. But win or lose, the highs of extreme physical exertion and the comraderie forged through a commonality of purpose will be things that can never be replicated by anything else we do in life.

* It's proven science that a post improves by 15-20% with a Chick Hearn reference.

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B-Daddy said...

My heart goes out to you over the end of an era, I truly understand.