Sunday, February 21, 2010

O Canada....

... our sleds are in a terrible bind.

We got back from our snow-mobiling trip in West Yellowstone, MT late last night and are in full decompress mode today. Laundry, a new battery for the truck and some rest are the order of the day (you’d never think one would get so beat-up by sitting on one’s rear end for 8 hrs. a day).

Every time we go on this trip, we pick up some more knowledge that can be applied towards making the next trip an even more enjoyable and rewarding experience. Our big lessons learned from this trip: bring Canadians! And short of that, make friends with them either out on the trails or in town because you might be needing them.

As we are wont to go off trail, we do spend some time digging out and most of our group’s accumulated conventional wisdom with respect to digging out was proven to be bunk this past week as demonstrated by a group of helpful Canadians who in a matter of minutes had freed 3 of our sleds that had collectively achieved an epic state of submergence, unfavorable inertia and/or implausible operating positions.

It’s Family Week or something up there where the whole country shuts down, so a bunch of them roadied south to spread around some of that famous Canadian friendliness and sno-mo knowledge. Will definetely be eyeing the Canadian calendar to see when this Family Week is in a couple of years.


Road Dawg said...

Are any of the snowmobliles equiped with a winch?

Dean said...

That is a possibility though it upsets the balance of the sled. Don't need any extra weight at front or back of sled in high speed maneuvering.

All things considered, 'tis best to avoid beaching one's sled altogether.