Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's Love got to do with it?

Apparently, there is a national Tea Party convention in Nashville later on this week and apparently there is some controversy regarding the price of the tickets, speaker fees and to where all the proceeds generated at the convention will go.

We haven’t paid too much attention to these developments because a national convention doesn’t interest us all that much. It kind of sounds like a political party national convention, now doesn’t it? Don’t get us wrong – this is not meant to upbraid those who will attend nor is it meant to criticize those people who are putting it together and whom may have the best of intentions, it’s just that we don’t necessarily see the whole tea party movement in that manner.

Ideally, we view the tea party movement as a loose confederation of local groups that band together for the cause of responsible and limited government in the name of liberty and freedom as the cause (or candidate) warrants. And as Reagan-Goldwater conservatives doing time in the half-way house that is today’s Republican Party, we also see, ideally, the tea party as a tool to beat the Republican Party about the head and shoulders.

Besides, we are very skeptical of 3rd parties if that is what one of the aims of this national convention is. They just don’t work. And aren’t the networking tools that are available to us now via Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. that make the hierarchy and top-down structure of a political parties somewhat obsolete? The fact that cap and trade has been killed, Scott Brown elected and healthcare reform shelved for the time being should speak to that.

So, how about a State of the Party from one of the leaders of the San Diego chapter? Remember, it’s no about you. Bear in mind also, integrity (integrity, integrity, integrity… say that over and over again ‘til you fall asleep and there just might be some hope for you), courage, and love, yes, love.

Temple of Mut has more here. Please stop on by and you will be thankful local party operations are run by 3 women blessed with an incredible amount of common sense, pragmatism and savvy.


Mutnodjmet said...

Thanks you for your kind words and support. You just made my day.

SarahB said...

Wow, Dean...thank you. I think we are all blushing :)

As for a state of the Party...great idea! We'll pull something together by the Anniversary Tea Party on the 27th. But it's pretty easy to say that things are looking up, there is a great deal of optimism, and here in California, new groups are popping up like weeds.

The convention was a well intentioned, but miss guided effort that is an old school model for a new era movement. Folks that attend will have a great time, but it isn't a game changer and will not be a model for organization. Anyone who wants to understand more about why the movement works the way Dean has described should read "The Spider and the Starfish"

It's a new world and it's blogs like this, along with facebook, twitter, and all the new media that will guide the political tides this century.

Foxfier said...

Hm... depends on if they're running a (political) convention or a (shared interest) con.

Heaven knows that fandom cons aren't any sort of top-down control-of-the-movement type thing, but they are very good for networking, spreading ideas and getting attention. Social networking is no replacement for hanging out. ^.^

Of course, now my brain is imagining shirts with "CON CON VEGAS, 2012!!!!" across them in red, white and blue, maybe with tea leaves....

Foxfier said...

Theme song:
"Come on to the Con Con!
Come on to the Con Con!
Come, come come come,
Vegas has the Con con!
Tax! Cuts! Less! Laws!
Come on to the Con Con!
Li! Ber! Ty! Fans!
Come on to the Con Con!"


Anonymous said...

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