Friday, February 26, 2010

Scott Brown: Sellout?

OK. It seems everyones’ panties are in a wad over Scott Brown voting in favor of the $15 billion jobs bill in the Senate on Monday. Allow us a moment to offer our own blistering critique to this obvious sellout as it appears we’ve been duped yet again by another RINO: People, relax.

This was one vote on a miniscule $15 billion package that everyone… everyone, Democrats and Republicans included, knew wouldn’t do jack squat about actually increasing the number of jobs and which everyone recognized was merely a bone-throw to the electorate to demostrate that Congress is not nearly as dysfunctional as they really are. Do we wish he voted against it? Of course, but we sort of see the logic. He ran as an independent under the (R) flag and was presented an early opportunity to prove it to his constituents back home on an inconsequential bill. "No harm, no foul" as the late great Chick Hearn would say.

We forgot exactly how he phrased it but Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said something along the lines that one’s conservative chops are dependent somewhat on locale. He’s right. To wit, if Brown cast this “yes” vote from a red state like Georgia, that truly would’ve been news. But Brown is from deep blue Massachusetts so it would be totally unrealistic to think he’s going to vote like Sam Nunn all the time.

And that’s why these purity and litmus tests are so ridiculous and ultimately counterproductive. To pigeonhole people in this manner is a huge mistake.

His votes on cap and trade, health care reform and those on legislation like it will prove Scott Brown’s conservative mettle.

Hopefully, this yes vote does not portend worse things to come but let’s keep our eye on the big picture. We have no problem with Scott Brown voting yes on a $15 billion photo op.


B-Daddy said...

Frankly, at this point I don't give a crap about anything other than defeating the Obamanation of an Obamacare bill. I have no doubt that he will indeed by number 41 to stop health care, forcing the Dems to either give up or play a dangerous and losing hand of Reconciliation.

Harrison said...

Philosophical purity test! Sort of like those Republicans who voted against the stimulus then praised it at home!

Road Dawg said...

"getting along" has gotten us to the place we are. Where were the "truth tellers" at the recent summit? Why couldn't just one Republican call the administration on lying to Americans and misrepresting "there were no previous alternatives presented" and call him a liar to his face? That's what he's done? Not merely misrepresented the facts, but baldfaced lied. Holy crap, call him on it!

The real photo op was passed up with not challenging the president harder during the summit on past lies, and disengenuousness, with specific quotes and dates.

Republicans can score a few paltry points, but the real nuclear reaction would be to call the President the liar he is.

Representative Road Dawg from California, you have the floor,
With all due respect Mr. President, you have portrayed us as the obstuctionist party..(here, here, & here). In fact we have presented options A,B,C and while you continue to portray us at the bully pulpit as the party of no."

My imagination goes a little @pe$h!^ at the reaction that would have had to have the MSM report.

Republicans....pU$$!&s all!