Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 open thread

The very first thing that was noticed was that the usual wild and wacky banter of the local sports hack DJs was unusually subdued when the alarm clock radio went off at 6 AM ten years ago. Odd. Getting reports of a small plane crashing into one of the two World Trade Center towers. After showering, went downstairs and turned on the television just in time to see the second plane hit the other tower.


Anonymous said...

My wife was a student at Grossmont College on that day. She had slept in and woke to "a bomb in the world trade center and planes flying into buildings" and reports that it was worse than "Pearl Harbor." The towers were already down and tall buildings around the country were being evacuated. She was glued to the television for at least 12 hours and missed classes assuming they had been cancelled along side most other public events. The next day she and her classmates were repremanded by her left wing political science professor for missing class. "You were fine" was his justification and it reminds her even today that some people could not grasp the future that presented itself that day.

Foxfier said...

Midway through Navy bootcamp.

SK1, the bad-movie-drama-queen head division petty officer, didn't want us to be told about it at all; AT2 explained it to us after SK1 went home for the night. (Our sister division's head PO was probably going to do it if he hadn't-- one of the few things she and he agreed on was that SK1 was a *blanker*.)

Looking back, it should've been kind of startling that even at that early point, a career Navy guy was going to be that childish about the biggest event in his life.
Instead, the big shock was after we graduated, and walked out into a world suddenly stuffed with flags, where PEOPLE WHO FACED THE NAZIS thanked us for our "service" in getting through boot camp.

There are a lot of idiots trying to make hay from 9/11, but I notice there are still more flags around than when I was a kid.

Dean said...

Not a whole lot of flags out around the 'hood today. Kind of disappointing. Maybe will see more driving over to my buddy's place for the Charger game.