Friday, September 2, 2011

Radio KBwD is on the air

Alright, gang, it's the first Friday of the month and that usually means it's a covers competition where we pit the original performer against a worthy adversary who has covered the same tune.

We're going to mix it up a little this time around and go with a genre instead of going song for song.

So, who's up for a little 80s British blue-eyed soul?

First up, it's Elvis Costello performing his hit "Every Day I Write the Book."

/pause... deep breath

And in this corner, it's Squeeze performing "Tempted (by the fruit of another)"

Your call - chime in!


B-Daddy said...

Tough call, because my favorite tunes from each are not represented, "Peace, Love and Understanding" by Elvis and "Pulling Mussels from a Shell" by Squeeze. (I would go with Elvis in that line up.)

Here I have to go with Squeeze, they go mellow better than Elvis IMHO.

B-Daddy said...

Here is the classic video of Peace, Love and Understanding.

Dean said...

A write-in, huh?

Gonna have to deny as "soul" is one of the operative words, here.

A great song, to be sure, but one that does not qualify under the genre.