Friday, September 30, 2011

Radio KBwD is on the air

We were in high school in the early 80s when we first heard these guys and being raised on a pretty steady diet of classic rock courtesy our two older brothers, these guys' songs definetely had a different vibe to them.

After over 3 decades together, they called it quits this week, parting amicably.

Ladies and Gentlemen, from Athens, Georgia and performing their first hit "Radio Free Europe" on David Letterman, it's R.E.M.

P.S. Forgot where we heard/read it but apparently the key to sticking together as a band is sharing the writing credits. Both R.E.M. and those other old timers U2, never gave individual writing credits, it simply went to the band as a whole. No egos, just rock'n'roll.


Anonymous said...

know when you have a good band? When they sound even better live.

Mostly Nothing said...

Fantastic. Think of all their hits, this is still among their best.

B-Daddy said...

Finally, our musical tastes line up a bit. This is on my "desert island dozen" list. Thanks for posting.

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