Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A dispatch from the Golden State

If you read nothing else today, please check this out:

What has happened to my adopted home state of over last decade is a tragedy, both for Californians and for America. For most of the past century, California has been "golden" not only in name but in every kind of superlative—a global leader in agriculture, energy, entertainment, technology, and most important of all, human aspiration.

In its modern origins California was paean to progress in the best sense of the word. In 1872, the second president of the University of California, Daniel Coit Gilman, said science was "the mother of California." Today, California may worship at the altar of science, but increasingly in the most regressive, hysterical, and reactionary way.

California's dominant ruling class—consisting of public-employee unions, green jihadis, and Democratic machine politicians—has no real use for science as Coit saw it: as a way to create prosperity for its citizens. Instead, the prevailing credo of the state has been how to do everything possible to return to its pre-settlement condition, with little regard for what that means to the average Californian.

Exit question: Is it time for a third party in California?

The current Republican party here in Cali seems ready to throw in the towel and become a "me-too" branch of the Democratic party.

Is a coalition of pro-growth, fiscal hawks compatible with conservative-leaning working and middle-class Asians, Blacks and Latinos?

If things continue as they are here, it will soon be time to find out.


K T Cat said...

Yeah, I saw that one. I've got a link to it coming up in a post later today. The most interesting part to me was that one of the bluest states has one of the highest levels of income inequality, inequality that's just getting worse as the middle class leaves.

B-Daddy said...

I think a third party would be viable, because the Republican brand name is so toxic. Either that, or the Republicans take serious action immediately to clean up their act. That would involve recruiting Asian and Latino candidates, going all-in on school choice and frankly, attacking the Democrats on social issues where the radical left position is not popular with the average minority voter.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Sign me up for a third party in this state -- I think it could gain traction and actually win stateside. What would we call it?

Harrison said...

Nice upside down flag.

Dean said...