Sunday, August 29, 2010

And where an angry mob of potential customers set upon the dancers

... they didn't but perhaps they should have.

How is that we go from Bob Seeger's "Like a Rock" and John Mellencamp's "This is our country" to help sell Chevy/GM products to horror that is below? Via The Scratching Post:

And with respect to this electric = green thing, someone is going to have to sit down and explain this to us as nearly half of the electricity we generate comes from coal-fired plants.

But when all is said and done we'll never look at the inverted one-armed hand plant quite the same again.

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K T Cat said...

Three things:

1. There are two r's in "horror".

2. Hilarious post! After reading it, I had a brief vision of a tiger being released onto the set. It would be such a very green conclusion to the dance, don't you think?

3. Off topic: You've been challenged to respond with your prodigious NCAAF expertise! It would be fun to make this a weekly event.