Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ornate, yet complex

Once again, what we're finding out about ObamaCare after ObamaCare has passed. As such, another entry for our bulging and constantly updated, running post, Nancy's Nuances: a journey of discovery.

Congressman Kevin Brady of Texas commissioned his people to put together the ObamaCare organization chart or as we like to call them, wiring diagrams - a basic one-line diagram that illustrates the relationships between all the different components, entities and departments within a larger organization.

But consider yourself forewarned. What you are about to see is something so mesmerizing, so dazzling and so brilliant you will indeed see the ObamaCare org chart as the perfect manifestation of its Creator.


(click to enlarge, if you dare)

Stunning, no?

We had to shrink it for it to be formatted to blogger so let's take a closer look at some of the finer details of this rendering:

68 new grant programs
47 bureaucratic entities
29 demonstration or pilot programs
6 regulatory systems
6 compliance standards
2 entitlements

And in very fine strokes that may or may not be visible to the human eye, we have:

$569 billion in higher taxes
$529 billion in cuts to Medicare
16 million more people dumped into Medicaid

A thing of rare beauty like this deserves to be shared. Print out copies and hand them out to family, friends and co-workers. Use them table mats or wall paper, anything to share the love. Hell, super size it and play naked Twister.

Because of the sheer grandeur and beauty of this, we get the feeling that when gazing upon it, The One gets very much the same feeling as he does when looking into the mirror. It is, after all, in his image.

Alas, Brady admits the committee analysts could not fit the entire ObamaCare org chart onto one sheet, rather it will require three. We know what you are asking yourself and we feel the exact same way: What did we ever do to deserve such a glorious fate?


Left Coast Rebel said...

My true thoughts about this chart are unfit to print on this blog.

SarahB said...

LMAO! It's either laugh or stick a fork in your eye to blot out the brilliance.

You know, I can't help but be reminded of this:

Harrison said...

I saw this. Looks like Rube Goldberg Kare instead of Obama Kare.

Would like to see one for the average HMO, tho.

Ohioan@Heart said...

Gee it reminded me of this.


Also a congressionally produced process. In this case it explains why the DoD can't buy anything fast OR inexpensively.

I can;t wait for the same efficiency in my health care.