Monday, August 9, 2010

Programming Alert

Still a little bit more time to vote in our NYC Ground Zero Mosque poll.

Check it out on the right-hand margin at the top.

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Road Dawg said...

I guess I agree with “most of the above” they are not mutually exclusive. Your right, the folks in NY aren’t to be messed with. It takes a lot of guts to move forward with such a monstrosity, you have to know there’s going to be come-upins, whether picketing, strikes, or retaliation, they’ve got to know it’s coming.

So are they doing it in naiveté? Are they “sticking a finger in our eye” like Sarah points out? Are they reaching out to America as you would believe the propaganda?

Irrespective of the morality, property rights and laws require respect. They have a right to build and we have a right to protest and assemble. Both rights are equal, where does our government stand. Where will the rights of free speech be quashed first?