Sunday, August 8, 2010


A round-up of articles and blog posts that caught our eye this past week.

Robert Reich: You know what the problem is with Obama's statist agenda? It isn't sufficiently statist enough.

In the story about the city of Bell, California and the salaries of its city employees, the term "working class community" is a cruelly ironic one in this economy.

Hmmmm... legalizing betting on sports to help with the debt here in California? Color us intrigued.

Incidentally, a line in the original story that ran back on Thursday: "Tax hikes are out. Gov. Scharzenegger wants them but the Dems won't let him do it." has been changed to: "More cuts are out. Gov. Schwarzenegger wants more, but the Dems won't let him do it." Don't know if it was an honest mistake or if author is from another planet. Regardless, commenters pounced and the sentence was changed to reflect the reality of Sacramento.

Hmmmm.... take two: If there are sanctuary cities out there that refuse to observe federal immigration laws, why not states that refuse to abide by ObamaCare? Colorado will be asking its voters that question in November. That whole ungovernable thing cuts both ways, now doesn't it?

And legalizing gay marriage in return for striking down Obamacare? Deal us in.

Unexpectedly... USA Today editorial takes Team O to the woodshed over tax credits and its unwavering commitment to Keynesian demand-side gimmickry that has been a spectacular failure.

Why are U.S. tax dollars going to pimp a new constitution in a foreign country and one that legalizes abortion, at that?

Doc Zero: the rich really aren't like you and us. The reason why soaking the rich or attempting to soak the rich as a source of additional tax revenue doesn't work is that the rich have more options on what to do with their money than we do. The rich, quite simply, have more and better avenues by which to stay ungovernable.

And finally, Congratulations to Conservative Generation of the Left Coast Rebel network, whose piece on GM and Chrysler got picked up by the Daily Caller.

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