Monday, August 23, 2010

Link of the day

Rasmussen makes the point that Obama and the Democrats misread the 2008 election results. Most people were expecting more tax cuts, as Obama kept promising, instead they got grudging tax cuts and huge new government spending. My take is that the public has become increasingly sophisticated and understands that spending will have to be paid for. Obamacare was sold on the CBO scoring that it would not increase budget deficits. The public knows better and further believes it will harm the economy. That the Democrats could think that using subterfuge to get a positive CBO score wouldn't be detected by the public is proof of how out of touch they are.

More of B-Daddy's take on the ascendancy of Scott Rassmussen, the yawning gap between the ruling class and the country class and what the Republicans need to focus on should they win back either the House or Senate (hell... what they should be focusing on continually), here.

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B-Daddy said...

Thank you for the link. Rasmussen is a fascinating guy, pretty good piece in the WSJ got me going.