Saturday, August 14, 2010

Radio KBwD is on the air (Special Edition)

Holy smokes. It feels like summer is finally here in San Diego after a protracted and intense June Gloom that spilled over into August.

We hope wherever you are, you are enjoying yourself with family and/or friends and maybe, at this twilight hour (PDT), enjoying a cold beverage.

When we were bumping around YouTube searching for the Elvis Costello song we featured yesterday, we stumbled across this beauty from Elvis which is actually a cover of George Jones' "A Good Year for the Roses":

Incidentally, the two tykes to Costello's right are his two daughters at the time. We thought this song was from the outstanding King of America which came out in the mid-80s and which saw Costello delving into American Country and Western. Alas, it is not - does anyone know from which album this song is?

And here's the George Jones original:

Who ya got?

We're usually loathe to pick against the original artist but in this case, the Costello version actually sounds more "country" than does Jones' due in large part to Costello's emphasis on the pedal steel guitar.

Advantage: Costello.

Exit question: Does anyone know who that is on the pedal steel?

P.S. The two questions we're asking aren't an attempt to polish our geek chops. We truly don't know.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


The Album for the costello song is 'Almost Blue' a covers album released in '81. I believe John Mcfee is playing the Pedal Steel.


Dean said...

Jerry, thanks for hookin' that up.