Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Free campaign advice

When it comes to political strategery with respect to the mid-terms and the Ground Zero mosque, memo to Republicans: don't campaign on the mosque at Ground Zero. Keep your eye on the ball... it's not about the mosque, per se, but it is about Gutfeld's gay bar next door.

We kid, but only slightly. Now that the President came out foursquare in support of the construction of the mosque before he walked it back a tad again over the weekend, the Democratic Party now owns this issue. Let the Democratic candidates explain their own party leader's apparent equivocations on the matter. Let the Democratic power structure in office in all the key positions in New York (save Mayor Bloomberg whose abject RINO-ness, puts him deep inside the New York ruling class) deal with the deep and broad-based resentment.

When your opponent is busy setting himself on fire, leave well enough alone.

Hammer away on three things:

1) The economy (and linked to that is jobs and out-of-control spending)

2) ObamaCare (we've provided Republican candidates with all the ammo they need in Nancy's Nuances...)

3) Process. Process matters.
Remind independents and stray Republicans of why they voted for Obama and the Democrats in '08 (HopenChange, most ethical administration/Congress ever, transparency, etc.) and contrast that to how he and his Congress have actually governed: A broadly unpopular set of legislative "accomplishments" achieved by such means as the Cornhusker Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase, Gator Ade and all manner of completely opaque back room wheeling and dealing, bribes, kickbacks and whoring-out to Big Pharma and health insurance lobbyists that was all the very anti-thesis of what HopenChange was to represent.

The Process portion of the campaign talking points does not, at this point, seem to be getting the love it should. Get back on it... Process matters.

Your welcome.

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