Thursday, August 12, 2010

So about that whole civility thing?

This probably explains why that Coffee Party never got off the ground.

So, just what is it with libs and their infantile obsession with cursing and in particular, acts of reproduction?

Back in July, a gathering of "angry" libs put together a video to raise money for an something called Un-F**k the Gulf.

Now some Democratic party operatives and heavies have launched the "Fu*ck Tea" project as a way to counter the tea party movement and advance liberal, excuse us, progressive causes.

As you can see, the spelling of the operative verb of this group is slightly different from that of the Gulf oil spill group but we are positive you will find their respective M.O.s mind-numbingly redundant.

Hey, look. They've even got their own video:

"We hate what you do and we hate your whole crew."

Again, seething hatred and F*ck-ing or F**k-ing represents the sum total of what these people know/do.

Stay classy.


Harrison said...

Their idea, inartfully spelled, is F'd.

Anonymous said...

if one cannot properly express oneself without resorting to profanity, one will never be taken seriously.

K T Cat said...
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K T Cat said...

Tangential comment: atheism's charm is that it allows one to escape exactly those cultural standards you're trying to apply here.

"You think saying 'F*ck' is wrong? Why? Who said so?"

There aren't any hard and fast rules once you do away with God.