Friday, March 7, 2008

Beijing '08 Olympics Update

(One in an occasional series provided during the run-up to the ’08 Summer Games in Beijing, China. Archived posts in this series can be accessed by entering “Olympics” in the blog search box above).
Taiwan is petitioning the U.N. for membership. Now why Taiwan would want membership in this foul body is anyone’s guess but that’s not up for discussion at this point because what struck us is that our own country is balking at the idea.

OK. Let’s see if we can keep this straight. We trip all over ourselves in recognizing a predominantly Muslim break-away republic in the Balkans, an act by which may lead to war in the region, if not, beyond. However, we have yet to officially recognize Taiwan, a democracy in decent standing and a break-away republic of their own from the Chi-coms.

The march of the nations at the Olympic games is always a good time. And while we are keenly interested in how the steppe betties from Romania and the Czech Republic are showing, we will be glued to the tube to see what transpires when “Chinese Taipei” rolls in.

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