Sunday, March 30, 2008

Unsung Heroes

Mrs. Daddy here, stealing my husband’s account to say something he wouldn’t. Driving up to Orange County for a family get together with B-Daddy and kids is always a bit taxing. The drive is riddled with people who cut in front of us with two inches to spare or speed maniacally, endangering everyone. We saw one driver tailgate a car to our right, then cut us off. We all laughed hysterically after noticing his “Share the Road” bumper sticker.

During the visit, I was startled to see B-Daddy and Dean run out the front doorway. Noting the serious looks on their faces I knew something was amiss. I followed them outside and saw why they were concerned. A woman driving a small Toyota sedan had rear-ended a larger pick up truck with catastrophic results. She was dazed but alive. B-Daddy and Dean were right there helping the people involved. Dean helped the woman get safely to the curb and comforted her until the ambulance arrived. B-Daddy directed traffic around the crash site so there was not another accident. I felt a surge of pride and intense love as I watched my family do the good and right thing. Something that gives me a measure of hope in the face of the rudeness we experience each day.

I can only say that I am proud to be a part of a family that makes a difference. Hats off to Dean, my husband and all the other unsung heroes that help others each day.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Good job, Familia BwD!

- Mongo

K T Cat said...

Great job, guys!

Foxfier said...

"Preach the gospel at all times. If needed, use words." (I think that was Mr. Animal Saint. ;^p)

Road Dawg said...

Love my brothers

Anonymous said...

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