Sunday, March 30, 2008


Faithful reader, if somewhat reluctant commenter, Bevvie, passed this along to us. It’s the Global Incident Map that tracks hot-spots around the world be they terrorist or geo-political in nature or just good ol’-fashioned natural disasters. Click on a hot spot and you get a Google Earth shot of the location you clicked with accompanying news story. Pretty slick. We added it to our right hand margin under “1st Cup” as it makes us feel like this is the sort of briefing the Commander-in-Chief gets first thing every morning while he slugs back that first cup o’ joe.

Also, we’ve added the “Play-Doh Offensive” under “Fighting the Good Fight” on the right-hand margin. Its going to remain there at top billing as BwD’s first official charitable effort. And as stewards of this cause, the nag potential will be pretty high. Of course, how high will be entirely up to you. (Hint!)

And what is this "Ass:..." you speak of? Another right-hand margin feature we added (just above the archives) a while back that we never got around to officially introducing. Just some inspirational music if you’re a tad sluggish and feel you need a jump-start that we will refresh from time to time.

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