Monday, March 17, 2008

Programming Alert

...and speaking of bureaucratic inefficiencies... despite the gallant and repeated efforts of not one but two government travel offices to scuttle our travel plans, we will be getting on a plane this afternoon for a 11:30 P.M. arrival in Virginia. We should be back on Wednesday but until then B-Daddy will be at the wheel.

A lot to get to when we get back. Yesterday was rather post-heavy with the NCAA tournament selections and all but if you are just catching up with things here on the internets please check this out. We didn't want it to get buried in all our March Madness. We'll be picking up more on the education/home-schooling thing later.


Road Dawg said...

What, no Bdaddy post?

Road Dawg said...

Trying a new look on the Bdaddy post,hello to Mrs. Bdaddy and the chillens