Thursday, March 27, 2008

What happens in Vegas.... is open to interpretation.

…. And speaking of family values, Mongo passed along this piece hoping we’d see the delicious irony of Clark County, NV Republicans wearing credential lanyards at their convention that had printed on them the web address for a porn site.

What we noted, though, was a statement by the author that wanted to make double-extra sure we all knew Republicans were the party of moral turpitude, probity and straightness… as if her readers weren’t aware of this popular image of Republicans.

“Who knew that this, the so-called party of family values, the party whose platform keeps veering to the right to appease the Bible thumpers, would be strutting out the porn?”

We can only assume that in Ms. Neff’s world, “veering to the right” means uncontrollable spending, creepy sex scandals and nominating John McCain as its presidential candidate and de facto party standard-bearer.

Of course, she knows that this is not the case so she is more likely guilty of establishing a misleading narrative to better make the point of her story… a point upon which we are not exactly clear. Las Vegas does reside in Clark County, afterall.

Since it was just one sentence, we’re not going to Duranty the poor woman but we do wonder just what it is about these journalists in Vegas.

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Foxfier said...

I really do wish I could find all these folks who are veering to the right, then I could support them...sadly, no-go.