Monday, March 10, 2008

The Dreaded "M"-word.

Perhaps you’ve heard by now but Obama foreign policy advisor, Samantha Power resigned after it was disclosed that in an off-the-record remark, she called Hillary Clinton “a monster”.

Given our sporting backround, this term is usually used in a positive manner and shows a degree of respect. In this context, however, we’re pretty certain Power wasn’t referring to Hillary’s imposing defensive presence in the paint or her unnatural ability in getting off the edge on a pass rush.

So if it is indeed a negative term we still can’t help but feel the dismissal of Power odd. Afterall, on the Democratic “mean people suck” scale, “monster” pales in comparison to some…? most….? nearly every term used to describe the woman, no?

23/6 does some reading between the lines of Power’s resignation memo, here.

P.S. Gotta think Power was let go because either a) there was dirt on her that was going to come out later that would be more damaging to Obama or b) Camp Obama has painted itself into a corner with their sanctimonious awesomeness and felled the axe to maintain their image.

Update #1: Foxfier links here to a piece in Newsweek that laments the improbability of a Hillary Presidency because... we're all sexist pigs. Well, you are, to be exact - we're as pure as driven snow, brothers and sisters. But if you're scoring at home, you will have noticed the irony here as thus far the most egregious personal attack on Hillary has been made by another woman.

Update #2: Here's an angle that hasn't been discussed much because of perhaps its statistical insignificance, but: We know there are women out there that will vote for Hillary merely because she is a woman and men who won't because she is (and we suppose there is the random beta-male who because of modern technology has been spared his Darwinian sentence that will vote for Hillary because she is a woman)... but what about women who won't vote for Hillary because she is a woman? Trust us. They're out there. Think of that female friend of yours that claims to "have more guy friends than girl friends because girls can be so vindictive, petty and cliqueish" Hey, they said it, not us.


K T Cat said...

What, you mean to tell me that she isn't a monster?

Foxfier said...

*raises hand* I have more male friends than female friends because there are more male geeks than female geeks, and a lot of the gals in the navy were either 1) fashion obsessed {seriously} or 2) contact-obsessed {AKA serial sluts}.

Thank you for the link.

Dean said...

The whole thing is simultaneously fishy and hilarious.

I could see dropping the "c"-bomb as grounds or maybe even "bitch"... no, not "bitch" - its lost a lot of its punch with over use... but "monster"?

I think Hillary is playing the gender card... again. I don't see anyone stepping down/getting fired for calling a male candidate a monster.

B-Daddy said...

Don't be dissing Mrs. Daddy that way. Seriously though, Mrs. Daddy's complaint isn't so much that Clinton is a woman, but a nasty, vindictive, vengeful monster (hey, there's that word again) that scares the snot out of men and women. For a taste of what she is capable, Davidstuff has some quotes.

Anonymous said...

"M" is for Mongo.

And don't you forget it.

- Mongo

Anonymous said...

M for Mongo Lloyd! OOOOH RaHHH

Answer the question from a previous post, "what would you do?"

(did I misspell anything?)

you monster, you!!!!!!

I keep encouraging The Ass Baboon of Venus to engage, bt alas, no heart for the debate in the arena of ideas.

Thanks Mongo for presenting your stuff. Even though we think it to be "easy pickens" ........winning your heart and mind should be our goal.

Road Dawg