Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy #$%&-ing Easter

Mr. Styles divines the intent of James Carville’s uplifting seasonal message here.

If we're Bill Richardson, we're watching our back. Even the awesomeness of that beard may not be enough to save him. Though with that tan, he’s actually starting to look Hispanic.


Road Dawg said...

I just watched Carville's interview with Anderson Cooper. I like the way he handled it.

"I said it... I said it in a colorful way.. It was taken down in context, and I meant what I said." (paraphrase)

He went on to say things like, "quit crying, it's politics, it's an adult game"

I found his honesty refreshing. He didn't try to wiggle out of it, make light of it, or spin it.

Ironically, the story before, was the "Hillary dodging bullets on the tarmack in Bosnia" Even the two Hillary supporters were having a hard time spinning that.

Dean said...

Carville is the haunted house of American politics: kinda scary, kinda creepy but in the end just a damn lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

I put his photo on my desktop to scare my wife and kids!

Pumkin Head