Monday, March 31, 2008

Lockin' up the Short Bus Vote

Clap…. clap…. clap… Thank you for the fine speech Mr. Obama. You know, for all the help your FORMER! pastor and your wife have been to you and your campaign over the past month or so, we daresay you’ve been “victimized”. We’d suggest you play this angle in your campaign but hey…. you’re no Hillary.

For those of us who have been enraptured by Senator Obama’s oratory skills but still left scratching our head as to what the man is offering, we really need to pay a bit more attention… its out there but we all keep getting sidetracked.

KT does a nice job here providing a wrap-up of his O-ness’s juvenile military and foreign policy that sounds like it was lifted from a pamphlet scrawled-out by the bake-sale-for-bombers crowd. (Obama foreign policy vid here) .

And here we spoke of Obama’s legislative crown jewel, the Global Poverty Act. You know, the one his equilibrium-challenged supporters are anxiously awaiting to be made law so that in addition to the glazed-over facial expressions, there will be actual words instead of drool running out their mouths when asked to name the Senator’s accomplishment(s). The one that puts us on the hook for $65 bil/year over the next 13 but satisfies the liberal/Republicrat desire to “do something” by simply throwing money at a problem.

Of course, all you brutish and uncaring conservatives can take heart as his universal healthcare plan will leave 15 million people uninsured if Clinton Inc.’s charges are to be believed so there may be some hope for the man yet.

But for all his talk of change and his audacity of hope, he is very much cut from the cloth of his Party… the Party that champions the poor, the weak, the dispossessed. Afterall, how else would you explain his leading the charge against legislation that would’ve provided governmental assistance to survivors of abortion (for those of you confused by some of the Roe v. Wade legalese there, this term is also commonly referred to as “infants”) while an Illinois state senator?

Even now, he has cynically changed his tune on the matter of Terry Schiavo, allowing he made a mistake in voting for a law that granted federal judicial review of the Schiavo case, saying Terry’s fate was a “family matter” and not one to be left to bureaucrats or politicians. (Given the chance, we still would never be so impolite as to ask the Senator where he stood on “parental notification” given his obvious commitment to limited government). All for the better, though, as this “change” of heart puts him back in lock-step with his own Party’s commitment to protect the defenseless.

You all know we haven’t had many nice things to say about John McCain or his politics to be precise but we’ve got to hang our hats on something. Its shaping up more and more that this “something” is going to be “character” and “fundamental decency”, vague and pliable terms to be sure but to paraphrase Justice Potter Stewart, "we'll know its not in a candidate when we see it".

H/T: Foxfier

Update #1: We're sure Camp Obama has to be stoked about this: Palestinians cold-calling Americans to vote for Barack. We suppose it will be too much to ever wish that one day these poor people will figure out that their biggest problem isn't America, isn't Israel, isn't George Bush but all those (PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, et al) that treat them as pawns and don't give a rat's ass about their welfare. H/T: Weasel Zippers.


Foxfier said...


I would argue I was only involved a most vague manner, given my blogging of late, but a most important blogpost.

Thank you for making it.

Anonymous said...

Obama is very much cut from the liberal cloth, and is unabashedly unashamed. Another reason he will be easier to beat. Let's not count America "out".

Hopefully, America will see through the doey-eyed rhetoric and platitudes. It may be easier to identify than the Performing Clintons.

Anyway, I'm happy to see circus life isn't exactly conductive to Democrat relations.

The Ostrich Rider

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