Thursday, March 6, 2008

In the 5th, a Trifecta of "Superdelegate Sally", "Daddy Greenbacks" and "That Wascally Wove"

Y’all up for a little political voyeurism? Well, alright now. The Huffington Post has an interactive political donor map here that reveal who’s been giving to whom and how much was given. As it’s a HuffPo production, its got a decided celeb/entertainment slant but it’ll get you where you need to go.

And site, here, though less splashy, posts odds. Sweet. Who's gotcha 7-5, baby?

We checked out our ‘hood at the Huff site and we appear to be living among acolytes for the Messiah. And the Ronulans are well-represented, as well.

Speaking of Huffington, Arianna. She opines on Clinton’s wins in Texas and Ohio and comes to the conclusion that, yep…. Rove was responsible. These people…… these people.

H/T: We honestly don't remember. If we've boosted this from anyone in the Theocracy, let us know and we'll give due props.


Anonymous said...

I see the Swiftboat Funding Committee For A Perpetual 1950's America has yet to report the check I sent them.

- Mongo

K T Cat said...

I dunno, not many Theocraticians are reading HuffPo.


Dean said...

So..... You weren't sufficiently mislead by that Hat Tip mea culpa?